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Inquiry in the Early Years

March 6, 2012

We are week three into our Sharing the Planet UOI.  We have books out about plants and animals and last week we planted some mung beans seeds and we’re watching them grow. We’ve had a visit from a hedgehog and rabbit. As a pre-assessment we went on a living things hunt and the children were asked to point out something that was a living thing which we photographed – photos ranged from the school bus to the swing to an ant!  We’ll print these pictures off and use them to categorize towards the end of the unit.

I have to keep reminding myself that at this age children are needing RICH, MEANINGFUL and ENGAGING experiments.  I find myself too often getting a tad frustrated with the lack of talk and discussion.  But at this age children  are still grappling with how the world works.  They are still in the early process of learning how to communicate orally. There are many other ways that children can demonstrate their understanding which should not be limited to voice.

As we delve deeper into this Unit – we’ll give children as many rich, meaningful and engaging experiments as possible.   As a reminder I’ve resorted back to my Making the PYP happen book ….

Inquiry looks like… p 29

– Exploring, wondering and questioning

– Experimenting and playing with the possibilities

– Making connections between previous learning and current learning

– Making predictions and acting purposefully to see what happens

– Collecting data and reporting findings

– Clarifying existing ideas and reappraising perceptions of events

– Deepening understanding through the application of a concept

– Making and testing theories

– Researching and seeking information

– Taking and defending a position

– Solving problems in a variety of ways

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